Networked Intelligence Laboratory

We like to code. We like Big Things (Kubernetes, HPC). We like startups.

We like the convergence of AI with other fields.

We love to treat all of these like toys and do the most tech-intensive research in the world.

Do you think so too? Check out our playground and start your research!

Digital Twin over Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an open-source platform that allows you to provision computing resources, orchestrate them, visualize their status in large dashboards, and keep them simple and manageable at all times. It is also a very friendly platform that can handle numerous applications in small containers in a very delicate and elegant way.

Our saga is heading toward our next destination: the “Digital Twin.” It is a technology that dataizes space and synchronizes it in real time so that SQL can be applied to the real world. So that anyone can easily manage their space and assets in a small smartphone.

Digital Twin is one of the best combinations with Kubernetes, which handles resources in the world's most sophisticated way. 

AI, Robots, HPC

We are also conducting various application studies empowered by Cloud-native here. In particular, we are focusing a lot on AI for self-driving vehicle research, mobility for optimizing last-mile services, and advanced high-performance computing that supports them.

Start the most technology-intensive research in Korea under the powerful computing resources of SCENT Supercomputing Center, one of Korea's supercomputers!

Lean Start-Up

Anyone can introduce and develop their ideas here. In many cases, ideas that herald groundbreaking changes in the cloud-native environment are produced, but as our research is closely related to the cloud and AI industries, sometimes commercial ideas emerge. In our laboratory, anyone is free to come up with their own ideas and set up a startup! Of course, such an attempt is not the first time here.

Follow the founding story of "Cloud Stone", which created Korea's No. 1 bundled food delivery platform, "배달긱." And "Ulagbulag Village," which created the world's first cloud-native group PC platform, "MobileX." Now, it's your turn to leave a new footprint!

Open Source Software

In a Cloud-native environment, we cannot stand alone. We are contributing to the OSS (Open Source Software) ecosystem by developing advanced technologies together with various developers around the world.

See you at popular international Cloud-native conferences like KubeCon! 

Research Topics


We provide Intelligence to the Services that are Flexible and Adaptable

Keywords: SmartX Automation, DevOps, DevSecOps, Cloud-native Computing, Kubernetes, Docker, MAAS, Ansible

Autonomous Driving System

Keywords: SmartX, Cloud-native Computing, Data Collection, V2X, Online AI, Edge Computing

Cloud-native Connected DataLake

We are developing a Real-time Hyper-fast DataLake in a way of Cloud-native Edge Computing, to make sure that Real-time AI Pipelines such as Autonomous Driving System should be realized.

Keywords: SmartX, Cloud-native Computing, Data Collection, Online AI, Edge Computing

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Latest Update: Jun 02, 2023