Networked Intelligence Laboratory

Latest Update: Jan 10, 2023


We provide Intelligence to the Services that are Flexible and Adaptable

Keywords: SmartX Automation, DevOps, DevSecOps, Cloud-native Computing, Kubernetes, Docker, MAAS, Ansible

Autonomous Driving System

  1. Development of Cloud-Native Key Technologies to Collect and Provide Integrated Training Dataset for Autonomous Driving System

  2. V2X-based Connected Platform for Responding to External Environments such as Bad Weather

Keywords: SmartX, Cloud-native Computing, Data Collection, V2X, Online AI, Edge Computing

Cloud-native Connected DataLake

We are developing a Real-time Hyper-fast DataLake in a way of Cloud-native Edge Computing, to make sure that Real-time AI Pipelines such as Autonomous Driving System should be realized.

Keywords: SmartX, Cloud-native Computing, Data Collection, Online AI, Edge Computing


Latest Update : 24 Dec, 2020

Challenges focusing on "Sustainable Orchestration of AI-inspired Cyber-Physical Services employing Shared Software-Defined Infrastructure and Common Cloud-native Platforms"

You can find more detailed explanation about our research theme from KRNET 2013, ICOIN 2015, APNOMS 2017 presentation slides.

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